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Anatomy of an image: Trail Ridge Sunset

"Trail Ridge Sunset" is my best-selling image so far. It was taken in late September 2009 above the Tundra Communities Trail on Trail Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park. This one has had some significant touch-ups done to it, partially because the original image was littered with specks of dust that had lodged themselves on the camera sensor. My camera was new at the time, and I was just becoming accustomed to the best way to keep the sensor clean. Ridding the image of the dust specks was a fun task, assisted with Photoshop and Apple Aperture. Here's the original un-retouched RAW image I took using my Canon 50D:

The evening I took this image on Trail Ridge was really one of the clearest and most superlative evenings I've ever experienced at Rocky. I shot a bunch of great images that night:

Another capture on that photo shoot:

A surprise encounter with wild turkeys and bark beetles at Rocky Mountain National Park

The bark beetles marcheth east. I took an early morning drive to Rocky Mountain National Park today (exactly one hour from my Fort Collins front doorstep) to catch what turned out to be a cloudy and unremarkable sunrise. It's been a few months since I've been to Rocky, and while I've been aware for some time that the bark beetles began their descent down the east slope of the Continental Divide a couple of years ago, the swathes of dead trees above Moraine Park really surprised me today.

The west side of the park along the Colorado River has been beetle-ravaged for many years — an area thought by many to be ground zero for northern Colorado's bark beetle outbreak. It's a bit depressing to drive over there with entire hillsides glowing deathly copper at sundown. Yes, the forest is growing anew even as I write this, but it's still not a happy experience to hike through woods with more trees dead than alive.

Here's what Trail Ridge Road looked like this morning just up the road from Hidden Valley:

I've been to Rocky Mountain National Park probably 30 or 40 times, but these are the first wild turkeys I've ever seen there: