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Restless West Journal's Most Popular Day Ever

Funny, I attended the Society of Professional Journalists regional conference in Denver today, where one of the main topics of the day was blogging and how to drive traffic to your website. For reasons I'm still figuring out, because there doesn't seem to be a specific post or issue that's driving people to this site right now, today is this blog's host heavily-trafficked day since I started it in February, 2009. 

So, whoever you are checking out Restless West Journal, thanks for stopping by.

As they say in my home state, Ya'll come back now, ya hear? 

Housekeeping: My website renovations are nearly complete

A quick housekeeping note:

You've probably noticed an entirely new look to Restless West Journal and my photography site, I'm in the process of merging my freelancing website with my blog after Apple announced it's eventually retiring its MobileMe web hosting service with the advent of iCloud.

Apple will continue to host iWeb-composed sites on MobileMe for another 11 months or so, but finding a solution to this soon was imperative so I'm not left scrambling later on. So, the result, I hope, is much improved. I've (mostly) closed down the old MobileMe-hosted and transferred the domain to my photo gallery hosting site, Zenfolio. Temporarily, the "Treks" portion of the site is still online via a link on my main photography website. I've consolidated, at least for the time being, the former contents of my freelancing site,, onto my Wordpress blog. So, for now, and take you to the same site.

I'd love to know what you think of both sites!