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Bobby Magill is a journalist and photographer based in Port Jervis, NY and Alexandria, Va.

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Rapture at Chaco Canyon

There are ghosts in Chaco Canyon.

Ghosts of the Puebloans who spent hundreds of years toiling and thriving in this canyon. Ghosts of the countless others who have passed by since the Chacoans dispersed and disappeared.

Last weekend, when Harold Camping and his followers were eagerly awaiting the Rapture, it was easy to imagine that the Chacoans vacated their canyon just as mysteriously, leaving only their ghosts behind.

If anything at all was rapturous on May 21, it was the experience of hiking high above the Chaco Canyon rim, desert primroses and a cornucopia of other flowers abloom, rustling in the wind below ancient walls of stone.

New Mexico's clear, piercing light is what makes the state the Land of Enchantment.

Who's to say Rapture doesn't take you here?