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Obsessions with buses and progressive vibes in the PDX

Everywhere you turn in Portland, Oregon, it seems there's a business in a bus: the Burger Bus, the Double Decker Dress Shop, another grilled cheese sandwich bus, and so forth. There's much love about this city on the Willamette. It's quirky, it's a foodie's paradise, it's green both in leaf and in spirit and it's progressive and cutting-edge, replete with a creative vibe I've found in few other places. It's pretty damn laid back, too, something I didn't find in Seattle when I visited there last summer.

Jacob and I spent a week there earlier this month, and though there is much fodder for a photographic portfolio, photography was not a priority on the trip. It's nice to think of Denver as an incubator of fine photographic art, but compared to Portland, Denver is nothing. While in Oregon, I discovered the Newspace Center for Photography, which provides facilities for emerging photographic artists and plenty of gallery space for those who score a place on their wall. If you're a camera-wielding traveler making a stop in Portland, a visit to Newspace will be worth your while.

There's also Pro Photo Supply, a great local camera store that will rent you lenses of all kinds, something seriously lacking in Colorado. If you'd like to spend a weekend shooting with a $2,500 tilt-shift lens for your Canon DSLR, put your name on the list and pony-up a fairly reasonable $30 (or so) daily fee, and it's yours.

Here are a few images from the trip: