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Phillips County: My 64th and final Colorado County

Remote Phillips County, where Haxtun and Holyoke bake in the Great Plains sun near the Nebraska border, was the last county I had left before I'd visited all of Colorado's 64 counties.

As I followed U.S. 6 today — the same U.S. 6 that rounds the arc of Cape Cod and climbs Loveland Pass in the heart of the Colorado Rockies — toward Nebraska, Colorado became the second state in which I've "clinched" all the counties. New Mexico is the other state, but there, the bar is lower because it has only 33 counties.

At long last, Colorado is now the second state in the union in which I've visited all the counties. Wyoming is next; I have only four more counties to visit there — Sheridan, Johnson, Washakie and Big Horn counties — before I will have visited its 23. Even in my home state of South Carolina, I can think of at least one county — probably three or four, but my memory fails me — that I haven't visited. Lee County, I'll visit you someday.

Here a a few things I found in and on the way to Phillips County today:

Doesn't look like Uncle Buck gets many more shipments from Alaska these days. This is on U.S. 6 in Fleming, Colo., in Logan County. Photo by Bobby Magill, August 8, 2010.