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Bobby Magill is a senior science writer for Climate Central in New York and a journalist who has covered fracking and the environment in Colorado and New Mexico since 2001. 

I hear it rains on Vancouver Island...

... but I've never been there before. My partner and I are about to take off on an 18 day trip to the Pacific Northwest, including more than a week on our bikes as we cycle the backroads of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

I'm hoping to blog about the trip as we go, but it depends on the availability of wifi where we're going. I just discovered Wordpress' nifty iPhone app, but AT&T will break my bank account if I'm so bold as to use data in BC.

Whatever the hoops I have to jump through, I hope to treat you to images at least half as spectacular as the vistas we pass on our bikes and our road trip back to Colorado.

Stay tuned!