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Bobby Magill is a journalist and photographer based in Port Jervis, NY and Alexandria, Va.

Seeking "Colorful" Colorado near Jack and Wanda's place

JUST TO STATE THE OBVIOUS, eastern Colorado can be an unbelievably desolate place. Way out on Colorado's southeastern Great Plains, there are highways it seems CDOT forgot about, tiny towns most Coloradans have never heard of and a monotone landscape that makes a liar out of that "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign at the state line.

Today, though, the most vivid colors were in the sky as the sun rose above the railroad tracks along U.S. 160 between Walsh, Colo., and Manter, Kans.

It amazes me U.S. 160 is really a U.S. highway east of I-25, where average daily traffic counts drop to less than 500 on most stretches. That means it's one of Colorado's loneliest roads and most sparse border crossings.

A few more observations about eastern Colorado:

• The Kit Carson County Carousel in Burlington plays "Dixie." Rides are 25 cents.

• Jack and Wanda really want you to get your tasty on and eat at their place in Holly. Unfortunately, Jack and Wanda were closed when I drove by.

• CDOT thinks the Central Time Zone begins in Colorado (it doesn't).

• Finally, a postcard from Bristol, Colorado: