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Bobby Magill is a journalist and photographer based in Port Jervis, NY and Alexandria, Va.

What can $10 buy? A trip to Boston, of course.

Actually, if you include tax, my 36-hour roundtrip to Boston cost all of $41, or $9.30 each way from Denver plus tax. Gotta love JetBlue's really crazy fare sales. When I heard about the sale, I couldn't pass up the chance to make a marathon first visit to Massachusetts.

Never having been either Boston or New England before, a few observations: Dunkin' Donuts is everywhere. Boston proper is probably substantially smaller than Fort Collins, geographically. Many of the historic buildings have become commercial tourism-industrial ghettos, with more kitsch-peddling space than museum space (hardly a surprise, of course). The graveyards give you a sense of deep-time like few other places in the country. Charleston, SC, was founded in 1670, with many of its gravestones dating from the early 18th Century at the earliest. Boston's graveyards have headstones dating from the mid-17th Century and are as time-worn as they are eerily beautiful.

What other large cities and towns besides Boston in the U.S. provide such a deep sense of history? Charleston, Santa Fe, Philadelphia, New York, the various Colonial-era towns in eastern Virginia, St. Augustine, and Washington, D.C.  There are few others.

Was $41 and 36 hours without sleep worth hardly a taste of one of America's Great Cities? You bet. Next time, I'll have to stay long enough try the Boston clam "chowda."