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What is "The Thing?" I'm still not sure...

If you've ever driven Interstate 10 between El Paso and Phoenix, you've seen the signs along the highway: "The Thing? What is it?" They usually say something about "The Thing?" being a great mystery of the desert in the same way those "South of the Border" signs entice travelers off I-95 in South Carolina.

I've dismissed "The Thing?" the thing on my many trips between New Mexico and Tucson or Phoenix over the years. But today, I had some extra time, so I thought it would be fun to experience "The Thing?"

In addition to the very well-stocked curio shop full of moccasins, trinkets, cowboy hats, T-shirts, a Dairy Queen and all the sugary beverages you can imagine, there was this, the purported "Thing":

Is it real? In good taste?

Of course, there's no explanation of what (or who) is in the coffin. It's up to the viewer to decide, I guess.

There were a few more things, too, more than a few related to matters of torture:

A closer look:

More torture:

A plug for Hitler:

I'm not sure what this one is about:

Highway kitsch is always a bit strange and, of course, cheap. "The Thing?" certainly exemplifies that standard. What kind of message am I supposed to come away from "The Thing?" contemplating?

Caveat emptor.