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Bobby Magill is a senior science writer for Climate Central in New York and a journalist who has covered fracking and the environment in Colorado and New Mexico since 2001. 

Ruminations on a pumpjack

A coalbed methane well on Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch, Colfax County, New Mexico.  Photo by Bobby Magill, 2005 It occurred to me today that when some people see an image like the photo above, they notice the jarring juxtaposition of a coalbed methane well and the distant mountains. Others see this and consider the broader implications of energy development on what appears to be a very wild place. Still others would look at this and think of only the opportunities for wealth gained from the royalties gleaned from having a methane well on their land.

A conversation I had today with a man from Wyoming proved that, too often, such people cannot bring themselves to consider the other's point of view for fear it may force them to rethink an entire way of life.