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Bobby Magill is a journalist and photographer based in Port Jervis, NY and Alexandria, Va.

A little irony with your Dick's Sporting Goods?

If you've driven Interstate 25 between Denver and Fort Collins in the last month, you could have noticed what in Colorado is a fairly odd scene: An oil well drilling rig poking a hole in the ground in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall just north of the E-470 toll road, or, more precisely, right next to the Thornton Sears Grand and across from Dick's Sporting Goods. A few weeks ago, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins announced a call for entry in an exhibition about consumption. Consumption: Whatever it means to you, the entry call says. So, with consumption being absolutely everywhere around us at all times, an artful juxtaposition of a drilling rig with the Sears Grand or Dick's Sporting Goods seemed like it might work. Except, of course, to get the shot in the right light, I had to drive the 40 miles to Thornton for sunrise. So, after days of trying to find the right time get up at 4 a.m. and drive there, I decided it would work best today, the day we lose an hour for Daylight Saving's Time. I arrived just after dawn with a smoldering headlight (another story, of course), parked at an under-construction intersection with my hood up, and took some test shots. I waited for the sun to rise and the clouds to light up and the workers to scurry about the rig, and then...

... the drilling company started to break down the rig!

After packing up my stuff and removing my smoldering headlight, I caught sunrise on Colo. Hwy. 7, just east of Brighton.