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Bobby Magill is a senior science writer for Climate Central in New York and a journalist who has covered fracking and the environment in Colorado and New Mexico since 2001. 

By 2020, you could see a nuclear power plant from here

If all the political elements fall into place and there turns out to be enough water to make it happen, Green River, Utah, may get its wish to build a nuclear power plant in town... eventually. It could be in view of Canyonlands National Park. The town, named for the river which snakes through it and has its confluence with the Colorado River within park boundaries, sits below the Bookcliffs at the top of the frame in the image above.

Other things you can see from Utah's largest national park and its neighbor, Arches National Park: Flaring oil and gas wells; a potash mine; a railroad and trains, which can be heard echoing in the Courthouse Towers at sunrise; a giant radioactive uranium mill tailings pile now being remediated by the DOE less than a mile from the park boundary; the lights of Moab and Grand Junction; haze from coal-fired power plants near Castle Dale; and, of course, lots of stillness and tremendous beauty.