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Bobby Magill is a journalist and photographer based in Port Jervis, NY and Alexandria, Va.

Photo Expedition Friday: I-25's Natural Fort

Natural Fort is an outcropping of sandstone sliced in half by Interstate 25 north of Wellington, Colo., about three miles south of the Wyoming state line. The site of an 1831 battle between the Crow and the Blackfeet, it used be a freeway rest area, since abandoned and left to blight, graffiti and abuse. Some of that graffiti, incidentally, reportedly dates to the 1860s.

Sandstone in good light nearly always makes for good photography, and the light was just right this morning. Today was my Photo Expedition Friday, also known in the newspaper biz as the Pay Cut Day Off. My paycheck may be smaller, but my photo albums all the better for it.

Natural Fort is one of those freeway curiosities most people just barely notice as they speed by at 80 mph. This one's worth a stop the next time you're Cheyenne-bound on I-25.

The sky was particularly interesting today, with a weak storm front moving in through the day. But what particularly struck me on the way back from Cheyenne (after a short dalliance with a used Subaru at a car dealership), was the optical tricks a dense wind farm plays on people driving on U.S. 85 between Cheyenne and Greeley.